Mini Hearing Aids Made In China

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Product Details

New mini invisible hearing aids made in China with CE FCC ROHS and FDA certificate

About the Product

This model G-11D is the best CIC Invisible hearing aid with the extra Mini size completely In-The-Canal (CIC) fitting in Right Ear or left Ear.And the full 100% Digital clearly sound technology to make voices crystal clear and natural. It is a hot selling by the good performance with digital chips and Feedback cancellation technology,as well as the Energy save by Using 1 unit hearing aids size A10 batteries last working for 60+ hours.

The G-11D is the micro hearing aid hidden the ear canal specially for the young people who do not want others to know wearing hearing aid.


CIC Invisible Digital hearing aids G-11D

Key Features:

1. Fully 100% digital signal processing circuit

2. Ready-to-wear with no programmable software on PC

3. Excellent output performance with low distortion

4. 2 channels WDRC multi memories amplifier

5. Noise Reduction and feedback cancellation

6. Hearing Aid batteries 10 size

7. Volume control in stick tool

8. Fit in Right or Left Ear


Brief data list

1. Max Sound output: 110±5dB

2. Peak Sound gain: Less than 30dB

3. Frequency range: from 300Hz to 4500Hz

4. EQ Input noise: less than 28dB

5. THD Distortion: less than 5%

6. Fingertip size: 0.7 x 0.40 x 0.3inches

7. battery current: DC 1.5V,2.0mA


100% Cic digital invisible hearing aid In Ear G-11D

Invisible hidden in the ear canal

Who can use this Invisible Mini hearing aid by new brand EarsMate?


* Supper small hidden in Ear canal better for young people

* Fitting for mild to moderate hearing loss improving

* Wear in both right Ear or left Ears(suggest to fit a pair of 2 sets)

* For all men and women want to comunicate better with families and friends


A Pair of 2 sets in Right Ear and Left Ear


The digital invisible hearing aid advantages:

1, The mini hearing aid can fit to the environment automatically, reduce noise effectively and improve the sound to more clearly.

2, The invisible digital hearing aids imitate the normal human cochlear function, so that hearing impaired people can improve their adaptability to different sound environment. They can hear any volume size of the sound with no discomfort.

3, The digital hearing aids help to regain the natural sound, optimize the hearing loss people’s feelings to the sound, improve the natural sound, authenticity and comfort.

4, Digital hearing aids can reduce the feedback or whistle automatically. By using the digital feedback suppression technology, the digital hearing aids have no the bored feedback (whistle), which it is very important for improve the patient's sound distinguished ability.

5,The model G-11D2 is our factory self design with the super mini hearing aid size less than the Finger tip,which can hidden in the ear canal and can not be found by other people.


G-11D Cic Digital hearing aid pictures

What's in the box?

- 1x digital cic hearing aid

- 1x compact carrying case

- 3x Different size Ear dome

- 1x brusher and control tool

- 1x User manual

the Digital Advanced Earsmate micro hearing aid for Nice Hearing and Life