Mini Digital Hearing Aid Aids In Ear Sound Voice Amplifier Behind Ear Adjustable Tone

Product Details

Mini Digital Hearing Aid Aids In Ear Sound Voice Amplifier Behind ear model with Adjustable Tone

This model hearing aid is a new R&D Behind the ear portable mini BTE hearing aid to give users the best of both worlds Of incredible UNIQUE sound in a compact,comfortable and attractive hidden mini behind the ear type.

the new small Adsound Hearing aid has extremely long battery life,features buttons for volume control and program,trimmer.

This designed new hearing aid is based on adsound by the ByVision and Great-Ear from China,which is developing in 2017.

New small behind the Ear digital Hearing aid mini BTE hearing aid adsound hearing amplifier


*Unique BTE hearing aid design

*Adjustable Volume button

*Trimmer N-H Switcher

*Zinc Air battery A13

The 9 Tips by adsound:

Do you know What are some symptoms of hearing loss?

Everyone's hearing is unique, so everyone experiences hearing loss in different ways. Here are some of the common symptoms:

  • 1.You often miss certain words or find yourself confusing words or misunderstanding conversations.

  • 2.You frequently ask the speaker to repeat what was said.

  • 3.Your family members or friends have expressed concern about your hearing.

  • 4.You avoid certain social situations (the theater, restaurants, parties) because it's difficult to hear.

  • 5.You have difficulty understanding telephone conversations.

  • 6.You turn up the volume on the radio or television to levels that are too loud for others.

  • 7.You have difficulty following conversations in groups or in the presence of background noise.

  • 8.You have difficulty hearing outdoor sounds such as birds or the wind.

  • 9.You have ringing or buzzing in your ear.


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