Micro Ear Hearing Aid Audio Amplifier In The Canal (ITC) Extra Small With Volume Control Clear Sound Lightweight And Tiny Invisible G-16

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Micro Ear Hearing aid audio Amplifier In The Canal (ITC)  Extra Small with Volume Control Clear Sound Lightweight and tiny Invisible Adsound G-16 With Battery A10

About The Products:
The Latest Super Mini design for the G-16,it is a Micro invisible Hearing AID fitting in the Ear canal ITC type sound amplifier FDA & CE approved for men or women both right ears and left ears.It is so small size and hidden in canal no-one will find you’re wearing it is very popular with the Young people in daily as the sound amplifier.With the high quality moving Iron Earphone,the G-16 Invisible hearing aids have the loud and clear sound for mild to moderate hearing loss.
Who can use this small Hearing aid ?
1. This Invisible Hearing aids are suitable for people who have the comunications difficulties with families,friends,son,daughters,colleagues and others every day.
2. This ITC Hearing aids are fitting for adults men and women who have the mild to moderate Severe hearing loss.
3. The product mini ITC hearing aids can fit for the Right Ear or Left Ear with the Hearing loss.

Micro Ear Hearing Aid G-16


ProductMild and moderate Invisible Hearing Aid  
Technical dataIEC 60118-7/ANSI S3.22-2003
Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL)115dB
Sound gain≥30dB
Total harmonic wave distortion≤5%
Frequency range300-4000Hz
Input noise≤40dB
Zinc air battery SizeA10
Power consumption1.5V DC, current: ≤1.0mA
Power switcheryes, on/off 
Battery workingworking day time 7-10 days
Packing                 color box: 3.5*3.5*2 cm/unit, gross weight: 50g/unit
Certifications approvedCE, FCC and RoHS Directive-compliant, and the FDA 2017

The Mini Invisible Hearing Aids G-16 Advantages:
1. Ultra mini size and light weight hearing amplifier machine – Net weight only 1.2g
2. Crystal clear sound controlled by high quality chip, noise feedback reduction
3. The best Moving Iron earphone(balanced armature earphone) to provide the digital quality sound
4. Using A10 size zinc air battery, less current interference, Long last working over 80+ hours
5. Ergonomic-fit design for Left or Right ear, comfortable wearing, hidden inner canal
6. Accurate and easy volume control by using adjust-bar

The MINI G-16 Compared With models of G-11,G-15,G-12 ,G-10 by ADSound:
Super Mini Invisible Hearing Aids Fingertip Tiny Size Tone Adjustable For Hearing Loss

Frequently Asked Questions

Question one: Why there is the whistling sound?
Adsound Answer:
1. The ear plug is too small.
2. The ear plug is not really inserted into the ear canal.
3. The sound tube isn't connected tightly with the ear plug.
4. The sound tube isn't connected tightly with the ear hook.

Question two: Why there is noise?
Adsound Answer:
*If you hear noise, it may be the sound of the current,
which needs time to adapt to, please understand.
*If you increase the volume, the sound of current will also
be increased more obviously like the sound of wind.
*If it still can not help, please try to switch the programs for didital items.

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