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Mini Invisible CIC Hearing Aid Digital Hearing Amplifier For The Young people,Seniors and Elderly With A10 Battery Hidden In The Ear Canal Sound Amplifier provide by the manufacturer from China,approved by CE,FDA,Free sales certification.


 -Light Small Sound Amplifier Adjustable Tone Earsmate CIC Hearing Aid

 -Better and priority fitting for mild and moderate hearing loss degree

When you see the film, watch the play, have meeting, or have classes, this product can help you to hear the sound clearly and loudly

Made of durable soft plastic material that comfortable

While in forest, if you want to hear very slight sound, it will be a good choice

It can be used for sound amplifier


Model:G-11 Series

Max sound output: 110±5 dB

Peak gain: 38dB

Total Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤5%

Frequency range: 300-4500Hz

Input noise: ≤28 dB

Voltage: DC 1.5V

Earsmate Invisible Cic Hearing Aid G-11 Series details:

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How to Using this Earsmate invisible Cic Hearing aid?

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Earsmate Note:

1.It is forbidden to used by those patients with tympanitis or ear pyogenesis.

2.Don't use it at high volume for long time. Otherwise it will injure your ear If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using

3.Please maintain the products all the time, avoid ear plug and sound collecting hole being blocked by foreign objects. It will affect the effect of sound amplifier

4.Avoid shocking, falling the product. Don't keep or use it in environment of humid or high temperature

5.Don't throw the scrapped battery as common rubbish, it should be handled by special equipment

6.Please take out the battery if don't use it for a long time. Otherwise the components will be rotted by time. Rotten liquid from battery

7.Don't use the product in potential explosive or dangerous environment

8.Keep the unit away from the children. It will injure him or others, or damage the unit

Earsmate Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Device For Nice Hearing and Life,,