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The model G-20 is a Hearing Sound Amplifier with Zinc Air Battery A675 working for 600 hours top sale hearing aid devices price costco online purchase

Behind the Ear(BTE) hearing amplifier Walmart

Behind the ear aids (BTE) consist of a case, an ear mold or dome and a connection between them. The case contains the electronics, controls, battery, microphone(s) and often the loudspeaker. 


Behind the Ear or BTE hearing aids are the world's most common hearing aid style.

Easy to use and easy to wear.

   Product features:
             1.Max sound output: 130±5dB
             2.Sound gain: ≥50dB
             3.Total harmonic wave distortion: ≤5%
             4.Frequency range: 300Hz-4000Hz
             5.Input noise: ≤26dB
             6.Zinc Air battery: DC 1.5V, Current: ≤4mA
             7.Power off/on switcher
             8.Lasting work up to 60 days or 600 hours by the A675 Zinc Airy battery
             9.Attractive in price and quality 
             10.For enhance the Moderate to severe Hearing loss


Behind the ear aids[edit by Adsound]

   Behind the ear aids are also called "receiver-in-the-aid" or RITA devices.These devices are useful for people who require significant amplification across many frequencies due to moderate to severe hearing loss.Larger models tend to be easier to handle for changing batteries or configuring controls.The earmolds on these are easier to clean than other sorts of devices, but they also will be more visible and prone to buildup of wax.If the earmold is not vented then that can make the ear feel plugged.

   Behind the ear aids (BTE) consist of a case, an earmold or dome and a connection between them. The case contains the electronics, controls, battery, microphone(s) and often the loudspeaker. Generally, the case sits behind the pinna with the connection from the case coming down the front into the ear. The sound from the instrument can be routed acoustically or electrically to the ear. If the sound is routed electrically, the speaker (receiver) is located in the earmold or an open-fit dome, while acoustically coupled instruments use a plastic tube to deliver the sound from the case’s loudspeaker to the earmold.BTEs are also easily connected to assistive listening devices, such as FM systems, to directly integrate sound sources with the instrument. BTE aids are commonly worn by children who need a durable type of hearing aid.

  Mini BTE (or on-the-ear) aids

A new type of BTE aid called the mini BTE (or "on-the-ear") aid. It also fits behind/on the ear, but is smaller. A very thin, almost invisible tube is used to connect the aid to the ear canal. Mini BTEs may have a comfortable ear piece for insertion ("open fit"), but may also use a traditional earmold. Mini BTEs allow not only reduced occlusion or "plugged up" sensations in the ear canal, but also increase comfort, reduce feedback and address cosmetic concerns for many users.

Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Healthcare Device

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