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Small Digital quality Hearing Amplifier by Clearly technology to make voices crystal clear, even at low volumes at the affordable price

The G-28 is a new small Best Hearing Sound Amplifier with  NH trimmer MINI BTE Aid for the Moderate to Severe Hearing loss right Ear and Left Ear deaf people


USER-FRIENDLY - This digital hearing device is designed with customer’s need in mind. Our digital hearing amplifier enhances sound levels of your conversation, television or radio without increasing white and static noise. it is lightweight and comfortable to wear for right and left ear

NOISE REDUCTION - Our hearing enhancers feature digital noise reduction technology that provides crystal clear sound with maximum clarity. The eartips are designed to fit perfectly to the shape of your ear and block any background noise from disrupting your hearing experience

LONG LASTING BATTERY - The digital hearing amplifier are one hearing aid size AG13/LR44 battery operated. It offers up to 300+ hours of battery life than any other hearing amplifier on the market. The mini BTE hearing amplifiers come with 6 long life hearing aids batteries included with your purchase

1 COMPLETE KITS - We provide great value at an unbeatable price. 

  The each kit includes:

1 compact carrying cases 

1 cleaning brush 

4 different size ear plugs 

1 wireless hearing amplifiers and 

1 manual instruction guide 

✔ 1 A13 Zinc Air Cell Batteries. 

This is a perfect gift for someone special who needs sound amplification. Buy it as a birthday gift, holidays, Christmas Gift and many other special occasions

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! We are confident that you will love our hearing amplifier,Also the hearing amplifiers comes with one-year warranty


1.Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 130dB

    HAF  OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 120dB

2.Peak  Gain(dB) : 45dB

    HAF/FOG Gain (dB) : 40dB

3.Frequency range(Hz) : 500-4500Hz

4.Distortion :

      800Hz :  2.5%

      1600Hz:  2.0%

5.Equivalent Input Noise  (dB): 28dB                              

6.Battery size : 13A,2 mA. 1 battery working for 30 days(280-300 hours)

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Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Device

Terms and Conditions:

Payment terms: Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram,T/T available

Lead time: 2-5 days 

Shipping way: DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS,or By air,by Sea-shipping

Warranty:1 years and lifetime free service

Skype: roger.cctv

Email: info@byvisiontech.com, info@great-ears.com

Adsound Tips:

New zinc-air hearing aids batteries need oxygen to provide power. They get this oxygen when a small sticker on the back of the hearing aid battery is removed, exposing the zinc inside the battery to air, and activating the battery.       Fit the hearing amplifier into your ear canal deep enough for effective use.

 If you hear beeps in your hearing aid, the item ran out of batteries. Please purchase a new Hearing Aids  Size 13 Zinc Air Batteries for continuous use. 

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