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Cheap Digital Hearing Aids For Sale

This hearing device Earsmate G26 RL is a new improved siemens Lotus SP 13 BTE Aids with the high quality rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and super longer last-working time up to 40 hours by the portable DC5V USB Charger,fitting for mild hearing loss to light Severe hearing loss problem at the cheap factory cost from China.

G26 RL Feature:

G26C SP BTE Digital hearing Aid Fts

The new Earsmate G26 RL 4 Channel WDRC processing and 16 bands frequency digital hearing aids can seriously improve the quality of life for people with hearing loss at cheap price only $119 only for 2 packed a pair untis by DHL free shipping. At Earsmate, you will find an affordable selection of hearing aids without compromising on quality. We are one of the world's leading hearing aid experts and manufacturer by FDA,CE and ISO system approved, presenting an alternative to purchasing devices privately.

G26RL Details:

G26 RL SP BTE Digital hearing Aid DATA SPEC

 In the world, there are a lot of people suffer from mild to serious hearing loss issues. And the deafness leads to isolation and depression. It's very important to find the right kind of hearing aid that suits the patient's requirements. Wearing the Earsmate G26RL new digital rechargeable hearing aids allows you to enjoy your social life without any hindrance. 

USB Charging port G26 RL Hearing aids

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