Best Rechargeable Hearing Device,rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

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Best rechargeable hearing device with Lithium Ion rechargeable hearing aid batteries 

the Portable USB charger base made by the Earsmate self factory,which is different from the siemens rechargeable hearing aid charger for the G-12 beige amplifier.Our hearing amplifier G-12 has a full digital tone quality for low audio distortion and clearer voice. It also has a noise reduction feature that helps the user hear with maximum clarity. It's with newest quality crcuitry and adjustable volume control as well as the power on/off switcher.

       In Ear Rechargeable Hearing Aid Earsmate Beige

More information about this G-12 with the Peak OSPL 90(dB SPL) is 126dB:

Specification G12 Earsmate

Do you know what is the( OSPL 90 )?

The OSPL 90  is short for the Output Sound Pressure Level ,it s the output saturation sound level (SSPL) to a 90dB sound input and is measured over a frequency range. This is also called SSPL90. 90dB sound is very loud, equivalent to sound generated by a lawnmower or screaming child. 

Earsmate Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier Aid as Personal Sound Amplifiers with Digital Noise Cancelling to Aid Hearing Adjustable for Left and Right Ear less $9.99

The Package including:

Packing G12 Earsmate

The All Individual parts of the best Rechargeable Hearing Aids G-12:

Built-in Lithium Ion rechargeable battery working 50-40 hours with the battery Life of Re-charging for 500 times

USB Charger oxsound Rechargeable Hearing Aids In Ear Canal Digital Hearing Amplifier

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