Miracle Ear Invisible Hearing Aid Invisible In The Canal Itc Hearing Aids Prices In India

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Advanced digital sound amplifier of the Best miracle ear invisible hearing aid invisible in the canal itc hearing aids prices in india and invisible hearing aid amazon G-16 Adsound for seniors mild to moderate hearing loss Aid amplifier invisible in right or left Ear 

Hearing Aid invisible Adsound Amplifier ITC G-16

Features & Advantages:

Fingertip size with Adjustable Tone and Unique design in the Canal(ITC)

High quality Clear Sound Ear aid Amplifier with Noise,feedback cancelling technology

Using for watch TV to hear the sound clearly and loudly

Hearing Sound output: 110±5dB

Peak gain: 35dB

EQ Input noise28dB

Sound Frequency range: 300Hz-4500Hz

 Total Harmonic Distortion(THD): 5%

▪ Tiny Fingertip size and  0.7 x 0.45 x 0.3 inches

DC 1.5V,A10 size battery with long last working for 100+ hours

For Seniors mild to moderate hearing loss

▪ 1 Year Warranty

▪ FDA,CE,ROHS FCC Certificates approval

What is the package Includings:

  1 Hearing aids G-16 

✔ 2 Hearing Aids batteries size 10,

  3 Different Size Earplugs,L+M+S

 1 Cleaning Brush Tool

 1 User Manual

 1 Protecting carrying Case

mini fingertip size Best Hearing Amplifier



Best Hearing Amplifier device invisible 

Technical Data

IEC 60118-7/ANSI S3.22-2003



Peak OSPL 90 ( dB   SPL)


HAF OSPL 90 ( dB   SPL)


Sound Gain/Max


Total harmonic   wave distortion


Frequency range


Equivalent Input Noise (dB)


Zinc Air battery

A10 zinc Air battery

Power consumption

DC 1.5V, Current:   ≤2mA

Volume Adjustable

Yes by adjust tool

Battery working

Working 80-100 hrs by 1 units A10

Mini Body size         

0.7*0.45*0.3 Inches,Extra mini as Fingertip

Certificates Approved

CE,FCC & ROHS and the FDA 

RFQ by Adsound:

A: Why there is noise?

Pease be aware of these issues if any:
If you hear noise, it may be the sound of the current,which needs time to adapt to, please understand.
If you increase the volume, the sound of current will also be increased more obviously like the sound of wind.
If it still can not help, please try to contact the suppliers

B: Why there is the whistling sound?

There would be these problem to be care:
The ear plug is too small,try to select the right dome size.
The ear plug is not really inserted into the ear canal,try to adjust it.
The sound tube isn't connected tightly with the ear plug,which is for the BTE Hearing Aids.
The sound tube isn't connected tightly with the hearing aid

Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Healthcare Devices

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Warranty:1 years and lifetime free service

Payment terms: Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram,T/T available

Shipping way: DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS,or By air,by Sea-shipping

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