Receiver For The Hearing Aids With 2 Pin Type

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Receiver for the hearing aids with 2 pin type

Hearing aids receiver :

1.Name:2 pin hearing aids receiver 

2.Color:Beige or black


4.Payment Term: T/T,Western Union or Paypal 

5.Shipping terms:by DHL/FedEx,Air or Sea

The hearing aid must change enhanced signals back into sound wavesso the brain can properly perceive them. Enter the hearing aid receiver. Itsjob is to convert electrical signals into acoustical output signals, or soundwaves, and direct them into the wearer's ear canal for the brain to hear.

A compact receiver for a hearing aid is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the receiver includes a housing portion. A diaphragm having a plurality of peripheral edges is disposed within the housing portion and defines first and second acoustical chambers. One of the diaphragm peripheral edges is pivotally coupled to the housing. The remaining edges are compliantly coupled to the housing.

BTE Hearing Aid with gloden receiver: