Ear Plug And Tubes Of Hearing Aid, Eartips Domes For Hearing Aids

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Ear Dome,Ear plug,and ear tube

There some hearing aid accessories for GE hearing aids,including the hearing aid Ear Dome,Ear plug,and ear tube.

Firstly,a hearing aid dome is a cap that covers the speaker unit.it has the 3 different size of small size,middle size and large size. Your hearing aid audiologist would have determined the correct size for your ear canal. Choosing the correct size is essential when it comes to hearing aid domes, as they help ensure that your hearing aids fit comfortably within your ear.

 Then,it is the    Ear Tubes Instantly Improve Hearing. During this surgery a small opening is made in theeardrum. Plastic, hollow ear tubes are passed through the opening to help ventilate the area behind theear drum and drain fluid that develops in the middle ear with recurrent ear infections.

Ear Plug and tubes of Hearing Aid, Eartips Domes for all type of hearing aids,including the brands of Siemens,Resound,widex,rexto,phonak,great-ear,ByVision,newsound of Behind the ear BTE hearing aid,In the ear ITE hearing aid,mini hearing aid,ear sound amplifier,digital hearing aid,rechargeable hearing aid etc..

As to the Eartips,it has 3 size of Large Dome,Middel Dome and small Dome for different hearing aids and hearing loss User.

Image of Ear domes for hearing aids