Ear Plug And Tubes For Siemens Resound Hearing Aids, Eartips Domes

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Ear Plug and tubes for Siemens Resound and Adsound Hearing Aids, Eartips Domes.

Ear Plug and tubes of Hearing Aid, Eartips Domes for all type of hearing aids,including the brands of Siemens,Resound,widex,rexto,phonak,great-ear,ByVision,newsound of Behind the ear BTE hearing aid,In the ear ITE hearing aid,mini hearing aid,ear sound amplifier,digital hearing aid,rechargeable hearing aid etc..

As to the Eartips,it has 3 size of Large Dome,Middel Dome and small Dome for different hearing aids and hearing loss User.

Adsound Hearing aids tips:

1.Difference between adsound digital and analog hearing aids 

   Analogue hearing aids amplify (makes louder) all the sounds picked up by the microphone. For example, speech and ambient noise will be amplified together. On the other hand, DHA processes the sound using digital technology. Before transmitting the sound to the speaker, the DHA microprocessor processes the digital signal received by the microphone according to the complex mathematical algorithm. This allows amplifying the sounds of certain frequency according to the individual user settings (personal audiogram), and automatically adjusting the work of DHA to various environments (noisy streets, quiet room, concert hall, etc.).

   For users with varying degrees of hearing loss it is difficult to perceive the entire frequency range of external sounds. DHA with multi-channel digital processing allows you to "compose" the output sound by fitting a whole spectrum of the input signal into it. This gives the users with limited hearing abilities the opportunity to perceive the whole range of ambient sounds, despite the personal difficulties of perception of certain frequencies. Moreover, even in this "narrow" range the DHA microprocessor is able to emphasize the desired sounds (e.g. speech), weakening the unwanted loud, high etc. sounds at the same time.

2.There can be different types of hearing aid depending on the case shape:

  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) aids;

  • Mini BTE aids;

  • In-the-ear (ITE) aids;

  • In-the-canal (ITC) aids;

  • Implanted aids;

  • Hearing aids on the base of smartphone/tablets using special Hearing aid applications.


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