Blood Oxygen And Pulse Rate Measure Digital OLED Pulse Oximeter

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Blood Oxygen and Pulse Rate Measure Digital OLED pulse oximeter

Product Description

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter K-301 Sunmas hot Medical testing equipment 301 hand held pulse oximeter

The Model is configured OLED, whose UI shows the Spo2 and PR parameter, and the Power indication, Pulse bar graph. Ideal used by clinicians, patients, caregivers and consumers. For spot-check applications in personal health and wellness, homecare, hospital and clinics, outdoor activities.

Spot-check applications in personal health and wellness, homecare, hospital, and clinics, outdoor activities


  • 1. Anti-movement digital signal processing technology

  • 2. Accurate pulse oximetry measurements during motion and low perfusion

  • 3. OLED screen display PR, SPO2, Bar graph

  • 4. Reliable accuracy and durability

  • 5. Simple operation, real-time spot-checks

  • 6. Low power indicator

  • 7. Automatic power-off


  • Measurement range:35~100%

  • Accuracy: ±2%(70~100%),0~69% unspecified

  • Resolution:1%

Pulse Rate

  • Measurement range:30-250 bpm

  • Accuracy:±2 bpm

  • Resolution:1bpm

Blood Perfusion Index performance

  • Range:0.2~20%

  • Resolution:0.1%

Low Perfusion performance

  • Pi >= 0.4% : Spo2 and PR can be detected correctly;

  • Pi < 0.4% : Unspecified.

Power Requirements

  • Work voltage:DC2.5V~ 3V( 2 AAA Battery)

  • Work current:< 30mA

Earsmate JK301

Earsmate JK301 Size

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