New Micro Ear Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier

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New Micro Ear Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier

The model G-16D is the lastest developing hight quality full digital hearing aid amplifier with original USA digital signal processor and chip to provide the crystal clear sound and fit for all men and women seniors either right ear or left ear.By the digital noise reduction and feedback reduction technology,this micro ear mini invisible digital hearing is the best hearing device for mild to moderate hearing loss improving.

With the super low battery drain of 0.8mA current,this mini digital hearing aid G-16D can work last for 150 hours or 15 days by using just one unit of A10 size of Zinc Air battery,which can be very convenient for the users to avoid replace the battery every day,and save more trouble and money cost for batteries.


  This Model G-16D is Fingertip tiny size with 2 channel digital processing

  Patent design with lightweight and comfirtable in ear canal ITC

  The mini digital hearing aid device has the 115 dB sound output 

  Peak gain is 40dB good fitting for mild to moderate hearing loss

  It can work for all men and women wearing in both right ear and left ears

  Clear and natural sound amplifier for hearing impaired to enjoy the nice life again

  With Zinc Air battery size #10,it can work last for 150 hours(it will be 50-60 hours for regular item)

Digital hearing aid product and details:

G-16D B.jpg

★ What is the package including?
     1x G-16D Digital Hearing Aid
     2x Hearing aid batteries size #10 (shipping limit)
     3x Different Size Earplugs(L+M+S),
     1x Cleaning Brush,
     1x User Manual,
     1x Protecting and Carrying Case

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