New Digital Hearing Aid Rechargeable BTE Ear Hearing Aid With USB Power Charger

Product Details

The model G-25 is a New Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier with rechargeable Lithium Ion battery BTE Aid with USB power charger for moderate severe hearing loss. 

 Hot sales Rehcargeable Hearing Aids Amazon Earsmate G-25

Earsmate G25 1

BTE Aid and rechargeable battery working last from 80 hour to 100 hours

Earsmate G25 1 Spec

Beige color Volume wheel for tone adjustable by finger operation

G25 rechargeable HA beige Diagram

The OTC rechargeable hearing aids reviews back on Ears



Product main board,PCB parts

Beige Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid With 500 Times Battery Life Cycles And Clear Sound


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