Digital Hearing Aid Aids Kit Behind The Ear BTE Sound Voice Amplifier Trimmer And Telecoil

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Digital Hearing Aid Aids Kit Behind The Ear BTE Sound Voice Amplifier Trimmer And Telecoil

Best Digital Earsmate Hearing Aid G26

A digital hearing aid (DHA) is a compact sound-amplifying device designed to aid people who have a hearing impairment. 

This item G-26 M is a high end digial hearing aid ear sound amplifier which is pre-programmed to give more amplification to sounds within the frequency range between 200 Hz to 5000 Hz, which is the frequency range typically people lose hearing in.With the high power sound output max to 62 dB peak gain, this digital hearing machine can be used for different kinds of adults men and women with different needs, no matter what hearing level they are,from mild to severe hearing loss.

New Earsmate Mini Digital Hearing Aid BTE Aid G-26 With Telecoil And 2 channel WDRC with Fully digital signal processing.

  G26 Earsmate Features and Specification 

Earsmate Tips:

1.What is the MPO for digital hearing aids?

First of all,the MPO is short for the Maximum power output,which remains an important parameter in hearing aid selection

The MPO/OSPL90 represents the highest output level that the hearing aidcan deliver. A low MPO suggests that the hearing aid saturates withdistortion and/or goes into compression limitation at a low output level; ahigh MPO indicates that high output can occur without distortion/saturation.

2.What's the Significance of a Low MPO?

Physically, a low MPO means that the maximum SPL that is produced by the hearing aid is limited. In most cases, an MPO of 100 dB SPL is low. Electroacoustically, a low MPO means saturation or compression limiting is reached easily with everyday sounds, including speech at a conversational level. Functionally, the MPO on a hearing aid is regarded “low” if the maximum output of the hearing aid is below the wearer’s loudness expectation despite attempts to adjust the gain higher. This is especially true for those with a significant degree of hearing loss and when the input is above a conversational level.

The output of a hearing aid depends on the input level and the gain of the hearing aid. The MPO limits the output. This means that, as long as the output is below the MPO of the hearing aid, any changes in the input level or to the gain to the hearing aid will be accompanied by a corresponding change in output loudness that the listener should appreciate. Thus, for someone with a mild degree of hearing loss (who needs little gain), and/or when the input level is low, the impact of a low MPO may not be evident because the output level is below the MPO.

On the other hand, when the same hearing aid is worn by someone with a more severe degree of hearing loss (who needs considerable gain), or when the input level to the hearing aid is increased, the low MPO may not be able to produce a corresponding increase in the output because the output goes into saturation and/or compression limiting. The wearer with a more severe degree of hearing loss may complain that the hearing aid sounds “distorted,” “muffled,” “unclear,” and “soft” even at a conversational input level.

Advanced Earsmate BTE Digital Hearing Aid Device With Siemens Sound Tube,ear hook and Original digital chipset

Digital Earsmate Hearing Aid G26 chipset

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