Best Digital Hearing Aids For Adults

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Best Digital Hearing Aids For Adults

Earsmate Digital Hearing Aid Sound Ampilifier G22 II OP with Digital Noise Reduce Volume Control and Open Fit Earphone Micro Invisible Discreet Personal Mini Ear Amplifier Using Zinc Air Battery A312 lasting 150 hours Fitting for Left Ear Right Ear mild to moderate hearing loss by Audiologist Designed.


-100% Full Digital processing
-2 channels WDRC amplifier

-12 bands frequency shaping

-113dB sound output

-35dB Peak gain

-24dB EQ input noise

-0.1%-0.3% THD Harmonic Distortion

-Fitting for mild to moderate hearing loss

-Adaptive feedback cancellation/AFC

-Open-fit design, easy operation
-Low battery warning
-Low power consumption,0.6mA
-High quality digital audio processing

4 Preset Configurations mode:
- Speech mode (default)
- Restaurant Noise mode
- Road Noise mode
- Outdoor Noise mode

Switch the 4 different mode by the Rocker type with Beep sound each mode change

About the product

1).Earsmate Digital Discreet Open Fit hearing aid amplifier G22-II OP will bring you crystal clear acoustical feeling with our experienced audiologists designed advanced hearing solutions. 

2).Rocker type digital volume levels

 And 4 presets configurations: normal setting/ noisy setting/ treble setting/ quiet setting 

 Fitting for all kind of listening environments. Easily changing between volume levels and preset configurations with one rocker switch.

3).Small and thin as a peanut, almost invisible behind ears. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, Earsmate Digital Ric hearing aid sound amplifier is unmatched in comfort, easily blended in with your body. and it comes with 3 different sized domes to fit different sized ears.

4).This device is durably made with superior materials and outstanding reliability. 150 hours Super longer battery life in 1 unit A312, durable design and highly advanced mini micro 2 Channel WDRC Digital processor technology makes this device a superior hearing amplifier device.

5). 12 month warranty guarantee.(notice: any problems arising from misuse, attempts to repair, dropping or extreme use are not covered by this warranty)

Open Fit Digital RIC Hearing Aid G22 II OP Data:

Bluetooth Digital Hearing Aid Open fit Earsmate

Open Fit invisible 2 Channel WDRC Digital Hearing Aid G22 II OP Diagram

Accessories come along with Digital Hearing Aid G22 II OP
1x OP Digital hearing aid body
1x Compact carrying case
1x 312A battery(Int’l shipping forbidden)
1x cleaning brush tool
2x tubes for right and left ear
3x domes, for small, medium and large sizes
1x English instruction manual


Note by EarsMATE:
◆It is not waterproof, Don't put it into water or wear out of raining.
◆Please take out the battery if don’t use it for a long time. Or the components will be rotted by time and rotten liquid from battery.
◆Don’t use it at high volume for a long time. Or it will hurt ears. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using.
◆Please clean the products daily, avoid earplug and sound collecting hole blocked by dust. It will affect the Hearing aid working.
◆Avoid shocking, falling the product. Don’t keep or use it in environment of humid of high temperature.

◆Don’t use the products in potential explosive or dangerous environment. 

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