Advanced Hearing Aid Digital BTE Trimmer With 4 Channels Program 12 Bands Frequency AGC MNR And Telecoil By Hearingaidcentral

Product Details

Advanced Hearing Aid digital BTE with 4 channels Program 12 Bands Frequency AGC MNR and telecoil

Hearing Aid model No.: G-26-S

Unique Feature:

●Fully 100% digital signal processing

 ●Frequency 200Hz-5500Hz

 ●Adjustable Volume button,AGC-O

 ●MOP/NH trimmer programs

4 channels Programs

●12 bands frequency shaping

● Microphone Noise Reduction of MNR

● Low frequency gain adjust (H-trimmer)

●Overall output adjustment (P-trimmer)

● Low battery warning indicator

●3 program mode(Telecoil)  

  ●Zinc Air battery A13


Analog, Digital hearing aids, Rechargeable hearing aid, ear hearing amplifier, ITE,CTC models available


Great Ear hearing aid G-26-S Details:

Parameters ANSI S3.22-2003

Digital BTE Hearing Aid 4Channel and 12 bands

Model No.


Max OSPL 90(dB)


HF Average OSPL 90(dB)


Peak Gain(dB)


HAF/FOG Gain(dB)


Frequency range

200Hz to 5500Hz


2(MPO & NH)


500Hz :  2.2%

800Hz :  1.5%

1600Hz :  1.2%

Battery current

Less than < 1.5mA

Battery size

Zinc Air   A13,working last for 1 month

Equivalent input   Noise Level

< 20 dB SPL

Induction coil  Sensitivity (at 10mA /M)

85 dB minimum

Physical buttons

Program button

Normal/Noise   reduction mode/telecoil


• Low frequency gain adjustment(H-tri)

• Overall output adjustment(P-tri)

Tune button

Sound adjustable

For hearing loss


Certificate   Approved


9 Points Advantages of Digital hearing aid(DHA):

According to researches DHA have a number of significant advantages (compared to analogue hearing aids):

 1.Digital signal processing helps to reduce noise and distinguish the speech signal from the overall spectrum of sounds which facilitates speech perception.

 2.Reducing of background noise level increases the user’s comfort (especially in noisy environments, e.g. on the street).

 3.Setting flexibility provides selective amplification of certain frequencies (in accordance with the personal characteristics of the hearing impaired).

 4.Effective acoustic feedback reduction.

 5.Possibility to use directional microphones, which greatly facilitates the perception of sound in certain environments, e.g., when talking face to face, or listening to the remote lecturer.

 6.Extended frequency range (the ability to hear a large range of sounds).

7.“Self-learning" adaptive adjustment which facilitates usage of the device for a number of users.

8.Possibility of connecting devices (phones, smartphones, etc..).

9. In general, the maximum purification of the sound transmitted to user.

These advantages of DHA were confirmed by a number of studies, relating to the comparative analysis of digital hearing aids of second and first generations and analog hearing aids.


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