New Fashion Unique Ric BTE Hearing Aid Mini Behind The Ear Hearing Amplifier Device

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new Fashion unique ric BTE Hearing Aid Mini Behind The Ear hearing amplifier device.

The G-28 Ric mini hearing aid is running the tiny wire tube by advanced digital technology and small discreet fitting for mild hearing loss behind on right ear or left ear.

The hearing aid ric has these advantages:

  1. Less susceptible to feedback sounds from your hearing aids

  2. Good at amplifying high-pitched sounds, giving you a clearer, more natural sound quality

  3. Small BTE, discreet

  4. Light and easy to wear

  5. Available in different colors of beige or grey


This Earsmate wireless wire tube hearing aids G-28 RIC is high technology and small fitting behind on right ear or left ear.It may look like a simple hearing device just designed to hide just right behind your EAR.The state-of-Art electronic engineering actually allow users to capture and amplify sounds what can hardly hear with the own ears!

Reduction the feedback and annoying whistling by the Ric hearing aid:

As we all know,the feedback is a term for high-pitched whistling that can occur with hearing aids when you wear them. It can happen when the microphone picks up the amplified sound from the hearing aids and channels it back into the hearing aid in a loop. However,our mini ric hearing aid devices are clever, and the new digital receiver in the canal hearing aid of G-28D Ric have built-in feedback cancelling systems to detect any whistling and relieve you of the feedback problem. 

Small wireless RIC Hearing Aid Amplifier informations:

G28 RIC Details

There is 24 month warranty and life time after-services by the proffesional teams from the hearing aid manufacturer in China,and all Earsmate hearing devices are certified by the group of CE,ROHS,FCC and FDA of China and United State of USA.Also,our cell batteries for hearing aids are approved by the MSDS testing and safty for shipping by Airline and International express of DHL,FedEx,UPS,TNT and so on.

Product images:


G-28 RIC Wireless Hearing aid Diagram:

Top Reviews by clients:

5-Star reviews-----Very useful products

I had a pair of five-year-old hearing aids that was out-of-date technology, and I missed a lot of what was going on but with having the Earsmate ric hearing aid amazon, it's been better. It can pick up on a whole lot of what I was missing. Earsmate ric hearing aids were very nice and very timely in doing things. At first I had full volume adjustment . When I got home, I decided that I would rather have one ear where it did the programs and then the other ear where I can lower the volume if I needed to, in case something was too loud. Since I've gotten that done. My unit has two different mode of N-H settings which is better for different sound frequency environment.

5-Star reviews-----It works well,I can hear again

I was very nervous about buying the ric hearing aid online from the Earsmate,which the supplier is from China. My doctor told me I needed hearing aids and that I have a mild to moderate degree of hearing loss that is easy to deal with. I read all the reviews and decided to take the chance. I CAN HEAR!! I am overwhelmed by how much I can hear. The only issue I have had is choosing the right hearing aid product body size. The first one felt good but after a day my ear hurt. I changed a light and smaller and now it's much better. This product does EVERYTHING that was advertised. Clear directions and a nice package to hold all the supplies. Once I am used to the sound over load I will be ordering one for my other ear! Thank you guys and earsmate so much!!

4-Star reviews-----Nice price and nice product

Works, easy to use, comfortable. Plenty loud for me. Does not compensate for frequency differentials. 300 hours use on a  zinc air A13 size battery. A pain if you forget to turn off the power switch, easy to forget. It can be sitting in the box discharging if your not careful. It has a trimmer button to switch N mode or H mode. A bit clunky but women can hide it behind there ear and cover it with hair. Men, well are men, it may not matter to you if its more visible than a $500 other ric hearing aid brand . Its not that much more visible. Its new now I will update after time.
Bought it as gift for my grandapa who plans to wear it if needed at a movie or watching tv or at a conference.

What to Do When You Think You Have a Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss sneaks up on people gradually, so it is sometimes difficult to detect oneself. Often, friends and family are the first to notice. The average person waits 7-10 years before treating their hearing loss. Part of this is due to stigma, but part is not knowing the steps to take to find out more about hearing loss and to construct a plan for treatment. Here are my tips for taking the first few steps along your hearing loss journey. Please share your ideas in the comments.

Take a Hearing Test

For an initial assessment, you should see an audiologist, or your primary care physician if you need a referral. At your first visit to an audiologist, the hearing loss specialist will examine you physically and perform a series of hearing tests to determine the type and degree of your loss. Online hearing tests are also now available, including The National Hearing Test, which was created through a grant from the National Institutes of Health and is provided on a non-profit basis. There is a small fee to take the test. If hearing loss is confirmed, you move onto the treatment phase of your care.

Try a Hearing Aid (or Two)

All reputable hearing aid dispensers allow you to try a ric hearing aid ebay or ric hearing aid walmart for 30 days or more before completing your purchase. If this is not the case at your facility, find another practice. This is important because the first hearing aid you try might not be the right one for you. Fitting a hearing aid takes time and work, from both the audiologist and the hearing aid wearer. Don’t be surprised if you feel that you are hearing worse with the hearing aids during the early days of the trial than you do without them. This is normal and makes sense since it takes time for your brain to acclimate to and organize the new sounds.

After a week or two, go back to the audiologist who can fine-tune some of the settings. Keep a written record of what is and is not working to help guide the adjustments. This process is typically iterative, and (depending on the complexity of your hearing loss) may require multiple visits to the audiologist until the settings are just right.

What causes ear drainage?

There are many different causes of ear drainage. The most common type of drainage from the ear is earwax, which keeps the ear clean and healthy.Other types of drainage and discharge include blood, clear fluid, and pus. These may signal a ruptured eardrum or ear infection.

Anyone who notices ear discharge after an injury to the head should seek medical attention straight away.


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