New Digital Hearing Aid Bte Equal To Seimens Hearing Aids

Product Details

High quality digital hearing aid bte and the portable ear amplifier for people mild hearing loss. 

This Behind the ear aids (BTE) consist of a case, an ear mold or dome and a connection between them. 

The case contains the electronics, controls, battery, microphone(s) and often the loudspeaker. 

product name: High quality Digital BTE hearing Aid

Model: G-26

+Unique BTE design

+Digital hearing aid

+Trimmer of MOP/NH

+Zinc Air battery A13


Parameters per   ANSI S3.22-2003

Digital BTE   Hearing Aid



Max OSPL 90

115dB minimum

HF Average OSPL 90


Peak Gain

50dB minimum

Frequency range

200Hz to 5000Hz


2(MPO & H)

THD at 500,800   & 1600Hz

Less than < 3%

Battery current

Less than <   10mA

Battery size

Zinc Air   A13,working last for 1 month

Equivalent input   Noise Level

< 30 dB SPL

Induction coil   Sensitivity (at 10mA /M)

85 dB minimum

Physical buttons

Program button

Normal/Noise   reduction mode


NH(Noise reduction   to get less noise)

P(Adjust to get   the better sound )

Tune button

Sound adjustable

Power switcher


Certificate   Approved


The best hearing aid sellings approved by CE,FCC,ROHS and FDA 2017

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