Mini Behind The Ear Hearing Aids GN Mini BTE Hearing Aids With Trimmer 2 Mode NH

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Mini Behind the Ear Hearing Aids GN Mini BTE Hearing Aids with trimmer 2 mode NH

BTE Hearing Aid Case Small Size With Volume Ajustable And Trimmer for Hearing Loss


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This G-28 power tone behind ear BTE Hearing Aid is a quality small case hearing aid which can help you hear the sound clearly and loudly. The volume can be adjustable with 1-4 different levels.By switching the Mode of N-H trimmer,you can hear better at different place for low frequeny or high frequency sound.When you see the film, watch the play&TV, radio,have meeting & classes,this G-28 small bte hearing aids can help you to hear the sound clearly and loudly.


Small case hearing aid G-28


  • BTE ear Hearing amplifier for hearing impaired

  • Extra small size behind Ear and light weight

  • Noise reduction technology

  • N-H Trimmer for different frequency and place

  • 4X Volume wheel adjustable by finger control

  • For adults eigher ear hearing loss

  • Sound output Maximum: 130 dB

  • Full on Acoustic Gain: ≤45dB

  • THD Ratio: ≤ 2.0% (at 1600 Hz)

  • EQ Input Noise (dB): ≤ 28dB

  • Battery Type: A13/AG5 button cell battery

  • Long last working with 1 unit Battery A13 for 300+hrs

  • Package weight : 80g

  • Light weight:3.9g

  • Materials: ABS and Silicone

  • Warranty: 1 Year


1. This new Hearing aids are suitable for people who have the comunications difficulties with families,friends,son,daughters,colleagues and others every day.

2. This BTE Hearing aids are fitting for adults men and women who have the mild to moderate severe hearing loss.

3. The small BTE hearing aids can wear behind on either Ear for Hearing impaired.


G-28 Mini Hearing aid behind ear:

BTE Open Ear Fitting Hearing Aid Small Size NH Trimmer Mode Long Last Working Time


Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid for Good Hearing Nice life

Terms and Conditions:

Payment terms: Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram,T/T available

Shipping way: DHL/FedEx/TNT/UPS,or By air,by Sea-shipping

GNHearingAID Tips:

1.Main manufacturers[edit by GNHearinAID]

    Digital hearing aids are produced by various manufacturers, including the recognized leaders in the electronics market. These include Siemens (Germany), Oticon (Denmark), Bernafon (Switzerland), GN ReSound (Denmark), Widex (Denmark), Unitron (Canada), Adsound (China) and others. The Swiss company Phonak is known for its compact ITE devices which are best adapted to the individual user characteristics and provides high comfort. The technologies of production of digital hearing aids are constantly being improved. Large companies regularly introduce new products design, so it is very difficult to choose the definitive market leader. Basically, the modern trends in DHA are aimed at:

  • creation of waterproof devices;

  • making ITE models smaller and lighter;

  • Introduction of non-trivial solutions (for example, in models Alera of ReSound company the external microphone is located in the auricle, for the implementation of the natural abilities of the person to focus and strengthen the sound);

  • improving the electronics and sound processing algorithms.

As an alternative to foreign models the digital hearing aids by Russian manufacturers can be considered: “Slukhovye apparaty I tekhnika”, “Medservice”, hearing aids factory "Rhythm", Sonata, Istok-Audio, Videx and others. The price of local production pieces is usually below their foreign counterparts.

2.What is the GN Hearing aid types:

There can be different types of hearing aid depending on the case shape:

  • Behind-the-ear (BTE) aids;

  • Mini BTE aids;

  • In-the-ear (ITE) aids;

  • In-the-canal (ITC) aids;

  • Implanted aids;

  • Hearing aids on the base of smartphone/tablets using special Hearing aid applications.

BTE aids rest behind the ear. ITE aids fill the outer part of the ear – usually they are custom-made. ITC and implanted aids completely fit in the ear canal being almost invisible.Despite having the similar structure, the work of DHA and analog hearing aids is fundamentally different.

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