Hearing Aid Types Of BTE Hearing Aids Digital On Hearingdirect And Ebay With Trimmer & 2 Program Mode

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Hearing aids come in a wide range of types, styles, shapes, sizes and colors. Regardless of their design, all digital hearing aids require the same basic assembly of components - microphone/s, chips, receivers and a battery to supply power. How these components are placed within the hearing aids is determined by the design.

Hearing Aid Types of G-26-L is a BTE Hearing Aids Digital on hearingdirect and Ebay with Trimmer & 2 Program Mode as hearing loss enhancer

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Model: G-26-L

• Digital circuit processing

• Low frequency gain adjustment(H-tri)

• Volume control with robust rocker switch

• ON/OFF with Battery door

• 2 program modes(No T-coil)

Frequency 200Hz-4800Hz

Adjustable Volume button

Low frequency gain adjust (H-trimmer)

Zinc Air battery A13


There are six principle hearing aid types:

*Behind The Ear(BTE) hearing aid

*Receiver in the Canal(RIC) hearing aid

*In the Canal(ITC)hearing aid

*Completely in the Canal(CIC)hearing aid

*Body worn Hearing Aids

*Spectacle Worn Hearing Aids. 

They are all made up of the same component parts but offer different styles and methods of amplifying hearing.

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Parameters per   ANSI S3.22-2003

Mini Digital Hearing Aid BTE with Trimmer

Model No.


Max OSPL 90(dB)


HF Average OSPL 90(dB)


Peak Gain(dB)


HAF/FOG Gain(dB)


Frequency range

200Hz to 4800Hz




800Hz :  3.0%

1600Hz :  2.0%

Battery current

Less than < 1.6mA

Battery size

Zinc Air   A13,working last for 1 month

Equivalent input   Noise Level

< 28 dB SPL

Induction coil   Sensitivity (at 10mA /M)

85 dB minimum

Physical buttons

Program button

Normal/Noise   reduction mode


H(Noise reduction   to get less noise)

Tune button

Sound adjustable

For hearing loss


Certificate   Approved



Behind the Ear or BTE hearing aids are the world's most common hearing aid style. 

Easy to use and easy to wear, a BTE hearing aid may be right to improve your hearing loss of Mild loss,moderate loss,severe los or profound loss conditions.

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