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If you want to buy the type of behind the ear BTE Hearing Aids,we can provide you the best Fashion Blue Color BTE Aids with the Rechargeable Hearing Aid batteries and charger DC5V 1A power suppler adapter.And it has the long last working for 100+hours by only 4-6 hours charging each time.

Rechargeable batteries and charger BTE hearing aids G-25-C 

Brief Features:

  1.Sound output: 130±5dB,for mild to severe hearing loss

  2.Peak gain: 45dB

  3.Frequency range: 200Hz4500Hz 

  4.Total harmonic wave distortion: 5%

  5.Input noise: 28dB

  6.Power: D.C.3.7V, 0.8mA

  7.Long last working for 100hours by rechargeable Li battery

Package Includes:
1 Wireless BTE Hearing Aids
1 Color Case
3 Ear Plugs (small, medium, large)
1 Cleaning Brush Tool
1 Power Adapter DC5V 1A
1 User Manual


BTE Hearing Aids with Rechargeable battery

Technical Data

IEC 60118-7/ANSI S3.22-2003

Model No.


Peak OSPL 90 ( dB  SPL)


HFA OSPL 90 ( dB  SPL)


Peak Gain ( dB )


HFA/FOG Gain ( dB   )


Total harmonic distortion


Frequency range


Input Noise



Built-in Rechargeable Li battery

Battery working

Last working 100 hours by each 4 hours charging

Power consumption

Current: ≤2mA

Volume adjustable

Yes, volume wheel button


Color box: 3.5*8*12 cm/unit, Gross weight:75g/unit

Certificates Approved

CE,FCC & ROHS, and the FDA 2017

G-25-C Fashion color Products Advantages:

Fashion blue color and independent R&D hearing aid

Noise and Feedback reduction technology by Imported Chips

With digital sound quality and NH trimmer mode for different sound environment

Low power consumption with rechargeable battery working for 100+ hours each time

Unique Beep sound for low battery warning and Mode switcher

Using the Micro-5-pin and USB interface and DC 5V charger

Clear sound by the semi-digital circuit and solution

LED indicator for power charging

How can hearing aids help?

   1.Hearing aids are primarily useful in improving the hearing and speech comprehension of people who have hearing loss that results from damage to the small sensory cells in the inner ear, called hair cells. This type of hearing loss is called sensorineural hearing loss. The damage can occur as a result of disease, aging, or injury from noise or certain medicines.

   2.A hearing aid magnifies sound vibrations entering the ear. Surviving hair cells detect the larger vibrations and convert them into neural signals that are passed along to the brain. The greater the damage to a person’s hair cells, the more severe the hearing loss, and the greater the hearing aid amplification needed to make up the difference. However, there are practical limits to the amount of amplification a hearing aid can provide. In addition, if the inner ear is too damaged, even large vibrations will not be converted into neural signals. In this situation, a hearing aid would be ineffective.

Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Device

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Warranty:1 years and lifetime free service

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