BTE Hearing Aids Amplifier

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BTE Hearing Aids Amplifier

About the product:
The GEHearingAID Premium Digital Hearing Aids Amplifier offer many of the benefits of a thousand dollars hearing devices but at a fraction of the cost.Our Digital BTE hearing aids Amplifier 40-x are ready to wear right out of the box with no testing or fitting required. Whether at a concert with friends or an intimate dinner, hear in superior sound with the 40-X Super quality Digital Hearing amplifier,which is a great option for those mild to severe hearing loss people not ready to spend thousands on a high quality digital hearing aid but just need a little boost.
Ready to Wear 4 channel and 12 bands frequency Digital Hearing Aid 

Key Features:

● High power quality Fully digital signal processing
● Fit for adults right or left Ear Severe hearing loss
● Peak OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 133 dB
   HAF OSPL 90 ( dB SPL): 128 dB
● Peak Gain(dB) :  76 dB
   HAF/FOG Gain (dB) : 60 dB
● Equivalent input Noise (dB) : less than 20dB
● Frequency 200Hz-4200Hz
● Auto save Volume&Program AGC-O
● Trimmer MOP/NH Switcher
● 2 channels WDRC
● 12 bands frequency shaping
●  Low frequency gain adjust (H-trimmer)
● Overall output adjustment (P-trimmer)
● Low battery warning indicator
● 3 program mode Non PC software program

● Memory switch tone

● With Tele coil mode for land phone calling
● Battery A675 with low current drain last working 600 hours

Sample price: 58.0USD/unit,  wholesale price :49.8USD/unit(MOQ=500 Units)

Digital BTE hearing aids Amplifier G-40X 


Model No.


Product name

2 Channel digital BTE Hearing aids Amplifier 12 bands

Fitting range

High power severe hearing loss


For all adult elderly man and women both ears

Housing Design

BTE Wireless


100% Digital Chips

Volume control

Volume wheel 1-4 level

Peak OSPL90(dB SPL)

≤ 133dB


≤ 128dB

Peak Gain(dB)

≤ 76dB


≤ 60dB

Reference test gain(dB)

≤ 52dB

Frequency Range(Hz)


EQ input noise(dB)

≤ 20dB

Total harmonic wave distortion @500Hz(%)/1600Hz


Trimmer program

NH and MPO trimmer adjustable

Frequency shaping control

12 bands frequency shaping

Battery Size

Zinc Air battery size 675A

Battery Current(mA)


Battery working time

Super long last working for 600 hours

BTE Body size

0.9x1.6x4.2cm(0.35*0.62*1.65 in)

Compact box

7.5x7.5x*4cm(2.95*2.95*1.5 in)


Net weight 7.5G,Packing weight 125G


1x BTE Aid,1x tool,3xEarplug,1xEartube,

1xUser manual,1x Carry box,1x Battery


FDA,CE Approved


1 Year

What’s in the Package Kit?

• 1 x Premium wireless Hearing Amplifier
• 1 x Compact carrying case
• 1 x Soft Ear Tube
• 3 x Different size ear tips for a good fit and comfort
• 1 x Long life batteries A675
• 1 x Cleaning brush
• 1x Easy to read instructions

The GEHearingAID is Lightweight and Comfortable, Any Wireless digital hearing amplifiers are a great affordable option providing a clear sound boost when you need it the most.

Digital hearing aidTechnology Diagram

DDigital hearing aid Data.jpg

Advanced Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid healthcare Devices by GE Hearing Aid

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