Behind The Ear Or BTE Hearing Aids Easy To Use And Easy To Wear With Trimmer & 2 Program Mode

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Behind the Ear or BTE hearing aids are the world's most common hearing aid style. Easy to use and easy to wear, a BTE hearing aid may be right to improve your hearing loss of Mild loss,moderate loss,severe los or profound loss conditions.

FDA approved and Affordable high quality Digital BTE heairng aids G-26 Series with trimmer and 2 program mode.

Best Digital Earsmate Hearing Aid G26

Model: G-26-L/M

  G26 Earsmate Features and Specification

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   DHA Earsmate sound tube and earbuds brush tool  

Advanced Earsmate Digital Sound Amplifier Hearing Aid Devices

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You Don't Need A "Custom-Fit" Hearing Aid. One-Size CAN Fit All!

One of the gimmicks that traditional brick and mortar hearing aid companies will tell you is that you need hearing aids because they adjust to your hearing loss level and it has to be a custom fit.

Thanks to new advanced technology, this is no longer true. 

Nano's new technology is guaranteed to fit everyone because they include different ear-bud sizes for all types of ear canal sizes and the receiver fits perfectly inside your ear-canal guaranteed.

Thus, Nano is guaranteed to fit and work for you from the moment you get your package in the mail.

And if you’re over age 65, Nano is guaranteed to work for your level of hearing loss too. You don’t need a hearing test or custom fitting. 

And the best part? Nano is almost invisible because it fits perfectly behind the ear. People will barely be able to even see it behind your ear.

Don't take our word for it. Know more about our hearing aids product from  .